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With over 12 years of experience, the UTCA’s Start Up and Volunteer Consulting Groupsoffer tailored consulting to organizations across the GTA

Volunteer Consulting Groups

Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) provides pro-bono management consulting to not-for-profit clients across the GTA. Client engagements brings together a multidisciplinary team of undergraduate, graduate and MBA students, guided by partners from industry consultants from top management consulting firms. VCG has been helping University of Toronto’s students and the Toronto community for more than 13 years.

Start-Up Consulting Groups

Startup Consulting (SCG) offers tailored consulting to start-ups across the GTA. Client engagements bring together multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate, graduate and MBA students, guided by consultants from top management consulting firms. The client engagement will last approximately 5-6 months in duration.Students have the opportunity to present their recommendations to the clients at the end of the engagement.

Client Testimonials

Growing North

"I was most impressed with the quality of the final result in our engagement with VCG. The team’s ability to understand what was being asked, stay accountable throughout the engagement, and deliver a comprehensive final product blew me away. Their professionalism and enthusiasm made our experience with VCG extremely positive."

Raising The Roof | Chez Toit

“Our experience with VCG was an extremely positive and effective one and helped us address some organizational challenges. The students were very professional and knowledgeable and generously gave their time and insight to the project. We were impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment and their final presentation was intelligent and impactful. We highly recommend this program to other organizations who are facing a problem which needs a fresh perspective.”

Student Testimonials

"Most enjoyable part would be to work with my team. I was blessed to have awesome team members. We spent countless hours together, brainstorming strategies and working on our case. The first day was great as well. UTCA had arranged a great day to meet our client for the first time. We had fun time building out "pasta tower". The final presentation day was the highlight for us. Our client was impressed by our efforts."
Pratiek Matkar
Medical Science (PhD), 2017
"VCG allowed me to solve business issues beyond the traditional and corporate context most of us are used to. Most especially, for a non-profit and for a smaller organisation, they present challenges where the consulting team can truly cause a seismic shift in their organisation - whether it's a go-to market strategy, a pricing model, the work that teams in VCG do propel these organisation to greater heights."
Margie Magbitang
Rotman Commerce, 2019
"As a molecular biology graduate student normally engrossed in a research lab, my experience with the UTCA was highly valuable in terms of exposing me to students of a variety of backgrounds. I really valued the experience of working closely with my excellent team encompassing fields such as business, engineering, and economics, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, as it helped me learn a great deal about the diversity of possible career paths post graduation."
Ashrut Narula
Molecular Genetics, M.Sc., 3rd Year
Working one-on-one with a client to solve a problem that would have an impact in the real world was a major point of attraction for Safee. He described that, "Working with a diverse and motivated team that I wouldn't have had a chance to collaborate with normally." He added that, "If you are interested in consulting seriously, than this is a fantastic avenue to get a taste of it and see if you actually enjoy it."
Safee Mian
PhD in Biochemistry, 2019