Case Interview Prep Series 


If you are worried about grueling case interviews used by management consulting firms, UTCA’s inaugural Case Interview Prep Series is here to strengthen your case interview skills! The three-session series will be facilitated by consultants from top management consulting firms or UTCA execs.

The first session will be led by Deloitte Consulting Strategy and Operations (S&O), and will include a presentation on case interview approach, a mock case interview, as well as breakout sessions for group practice led by Deloitte consultants. Students will also have the opportunity to network with consultants at the end of the session.

Date: September 22nd

Time & Location: 7pm-9pm,  Room 2195, Bahen Centre,University of Toronto

Who is Invited: All graduating students (both undergraduate and graduate) with a proven interests in consulting are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

- If you have applied for UTCA’s resume book, then you will be automatically considered.

- If not, submit your resume with CGPA included to  and put in the subject line “Case Interview Prep Series Application – First Name, Last Name”.

Deadline: Friday, September 16th, 5pm EST