Sanchit GuptaSanchit Gupta

Director of StartUp Consultants

Born and raised in India, this problem-solver has always had a passion for tackling new challenges, creating great solutions and leaving a legacy behind. He is a third year student, majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Business. As UTCA’s 2015-2016 Director of StartUp Consultants, Sanchit is creating a new Startup Consulting Launchpad partnering with the world’s leading consulting firm. Strengthening industrial ties with the companies along with creating new contacts through strategic collaboration is his plan for the year.

Having gained immense leadership experience co-founding a leadership program, ILead Civil, and leading the largest South Asian Cultural group Indian Students’ Society at the University of Toronto, Sanchit is excited to bring his management and organizational skills to the club. Previously, Sanchit has won the Accenture Case Competition 2014 and placed 4th in the “Monitor-Deloitte, Accenture & ZS Associates present UTCA Case Competition 2015”, winning the most creative strategy award from the judges. Currently, Sanchit is interning at BA Consulting Group, a transportation consulting firm as the Transportation Analyst/Planner.

Sanchit is a curious gastronome by nature and loves travelling for pleasure. He has been to 18 countries and plans to make Cuba his 19th by the end of the year. His prowess in Italian and Thai cuisine is worth mentioning. In his free time, he likes writing screenplays and playing some good ol’ FIFA.