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Client Services

Information for Community Partners

The Volunteer Consulting Group engages clients in consulting projects to solve challenging business problems. We offer these services free of charge and select only the most qualified of applicants to ensure that solutions are meaningful and pragmatic.

We serve clients in the following areas:
  • Marketing, Branding and Media Relations
  • Volunteer Management
  • Youth Engagement
  • Social Enterprise and Business Planning
  • Partnership Development and Best Practices Research
  • New Program Design and Program Development
  • Governance and Organization Design
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Planning
Applying for Consulting Services

If you are a community organization and are interesting in finding more about how we could serve you, please fill out the Project Application Form and return it to . This information will help us understand your organization, project, and expectations. The UTCA VCG co-chairs will then contact you to determine project viability, discuss the goals and scope of your project, and identify the key skills required to form an appropriate consulting team.

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