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Opportunities for Professionals

Are you ready to be a VCG Advisor?

We are looking for professionals from the consulting industry with an interest in the social sector. Professionals of all experience levels are encouraged to participate.

The VCG Experience

VCG is an opportunity for professional management consultants to use their expertise to benefit the local community. It is also an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for your firm with some of the best student candidates early on. Some benefits of working with VCG are:
  • Chance to expose students to your firm and work early on
  • Networking opportunities with university faculty, other consultants and community leaders
  • Opportunity to apply expertise to have real positive impact on the community

Currently Available Positions

VCG teams highly benefit from the opportunity to engage professional consultants in discussion about their client’s business problem. Professional consultants answer questions and provide advice that helps teams to deliver pragmatic solutions. There are two major roles open to professional consultants:
Lead Advisor (4 openings)
Lead Advisors have at least one year of consulting experience in the for-profit or non-profit sector, well developed leadership ability and high level of commitment. Advisor responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  • Mentoring a case team of undergraduates and MBAs
  • Helping students ?crack the case? and develop an initial approach
  • Reviewing subsequent analysis and proving feedback
The time commitment of Lead Advisors is approximately 2 hours, every other week. Lead Advisors will typically be required to meet five times per year. The program schedule is set in consultation with the Advisors in September each year.

Engagement Advisor (unlimited openings)
The Engagement Advisor role is ideal for professional consultants with at least 1 year of experience who require a role with a smaller level of commitment, but still wish to contribute. Engagement Advisors volunteer to review the progress of teams at monthly training sessions and answer questions from VCG teams. Engagement Advisor responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  • Answering questions of VCG teams
  • Reviewing analysis and providing feedback
  • Engagement Advisors also have the option of presenting a guest presentation on a topic relevant to non-profit consulting
The time commitment of Engagement Advisor is minimal. Questions can be answered by phone or email on the Engagement Advisor own time. Engagement Advisors will typically be required to meet 4 times per year.

How to Sign up

If you are interested in involving with UTCA as a either a Lead Advisor or a Engagement Advisor, please fill out the Lead Advisor Profile Form and/or the Engagement Advisor Profile Form and return it to with the subject line ?VCG Involvement.? We would be happy to meet with you to answer your questions and discuss the most appropriate way for you or your firm to be involved.

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