About Us


The Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) provides pro-bono consulting to community-based organizations. We match top University students with local non-profits to solve problems in the areas of marketing, fundraising, finances, organizational structure and human resource management.

Our Mission

The Volunteer Consulting Group aims to provide students a way to develop their skills through innovative pro-bono consulting for youth-focused, community-based organizations. The students help these non-profit organizations develop creative solutions to difficult challenges and realistic, practical plans to implement them.

Our Approach

With every client engagement, we bring together a multi-disciplinary team from the faculties of engineering, arts and science, and commerce. Students are selected through a rigorous process testing their problem solving ability, teamwork and professional skills. We draw upon the knowledge of experienced consultants, industry partners, and past participants provide training and mentorship. The UTCA VCG also provides training and support to its volunteers through an orientation, feedback from the Advisory Board.

The community organizations we work with benefit from a highly interactive and inclusive 6-month consulting experience. They receive creative solutions to difficult challenges and realistic problems. After the project closes, we remain in touch with our clients to evaluate the outcomes of the consulting engagement.