Our History


2010 Formally introduced the one-on-one training session format to encourage more discussions between the Engagement Advisors and the project team members. Renamed the Case Team Advisor to Lead Advisor, and Subject Matter Experts were reorganized into a panel of Engagement Advisors.
2009 A record number of student applications were received. A new Industry Advisor position was created to provide a unique industry perspective on the VCG process.
2008 A formalized application process was implemented. A doubled number of Subject Matter Experts joined the program, representing 6 global consulting firms. A record 20 MBA candidates apply for 4 Engagement Manager positions.
2007 Monthly Training Sessions and SME feedback sessions are instituted to educate and provide students with greater insight into their projects and the different elements of consulting.
2006 A formalized Board of Directors is established as well as two new volunteer opportunities for professionals: Subject Matter Expert and Case Team Mentor.
2005 A record 200 applications are received for 25 Volunteer Consultant positions. For the first time, MBA students are recruited to act as Engagement Managers. Ann Armstrong is appointed Faculty Chair.
2004 Professionals from sponsor consulting firms are formally invited to join the group. Consultants from McKinsey, Monitor Group and Deloitte register as advisors.
2003 The program becomes known as the Volunteering Consulting Group (VCG). A team of 15 is selected to begin the first cases.
2002 A subcommittee of the University of Toronto Consulting Association begins to explore opportunities for students to engage in consulting projects with local non-profits. The students eager to apply business thinking to the social sector initiate a pilot program comprised of engineering and commerce students.

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