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The driving force behind VCG is the experience, knowledge and commitment of our team.

Student Directors

Amanda Amaral

Vice-President Volunteer Consulting Group

Amanda Amaral is a 3rd year Economics and Psychology student with a particular interest in financial economics and cognitive psychology. She has served as VP VCG since 2010, mainly acting as a liaison between VCG teams and local non-profit organizations. Amanda is currently working as a research assistant at the University of Toronto conducting research in the area of personality psychology to investigate the psychology of ideological and cultural belief systems as well as political orientation under the supervision of Dr. Jordan Peterson. Her previous work experience includes placements in customer service and sales industries such as The Hudson’s Bay Company, Bell Mobility, and Best Buy.

Amanda Wai

Vice-President Volunteer Consulting Group

Amanda Wai is a 3rd year Materials Science & Engineering Student, minoring in Engineering Business. Last year she served as a VCG consultant on the team that engaged the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to develop a strategy to expand their demographic reach in the GTA. She is a currently a Director and Cross-Faculty Rep of the Leaders of Tomorrow group, offering leadership development to engineering students. Her previous work experiences include working abroad in Hong Kong at ARUP (global engineering consulting and design firm) and at U of T as a Research Assistant. In her spare time, she paddles on the Iron Dragons dragonboat team and she also enjoys playing golf and tennis, listening to jazz music and being active in the student community.

Daniela Miao

Co-President, UTCA

Daniela Miao is a 4th year Engineering Science student currently studying Computer Engineering. Last year, she completed a Professional Experience Year with IBM Canada as a Database Performance Analyst. Previously, Daniela had served 2 years on the UTCA executive team as VP VCG, mainly acting as a liaison between the VCG teams, industry professionals and local non-profit organizations. Three years ago, Daniela worked on the VCG team “” as a Volunteer Consultant. Specifically, she conducted market and technical analysis for the client organization, and worked with her team to provide a well-researched proposal for Past experiences include working as an engineering assistant for a Mechanical Design Company, as well as a research student in the University of Toronto Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.


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