Frequently Asked Questions

How does VCG select community partners?

We work exclusively with the social sector (associations, charitable organizations, and social purpose companies). Our partners must be committed to undertaking and benefiting from a student-led consulting project. We work with them individually to develop cases which best utilize our students and will result in the most impact for the community partner. If you are a community agency interested in consulting services, please see Client Services.

What roles can alumni or experienced professionals play?

The volunteer consulting group draws upon the support of professionals with prior work experience in management consulting as well as leaders at community organizations. These supporters can help by supervising MBA and undergraduate teams as Lead Advisors or can offer assistance as Engagement Advisors. Please see Professionals for more information.

What does VCG look for in its Volunteer Consultants?

We are looking for students with excellent problem solving skills, team work ability and professionalism. We choose volunteers who we believe have the potential to be successful consultants. Our ideal candidate has qualities such as:

  • Leadership demonstrated through roles on campus and in the community
  • Achievements in the workplace that show initiative and drive
  • Excellence in applying analytical ability in a team setting
  • Enthusiasm for solving challenging problems in the non-profit sector

Are there opportunities for Masters and Ph.D. students from non-business backgrounds to participate?

Yes! In the past, several graduate students have volunteered with VCG. We recommend graduate students without significant business background apply for the volunteer consultant role. Please remember to not only provide academic information on your CV. To improve your chances of receiving an interview, we recommend that you also demonstrate volunteer experience.

What is the recruiting process for Volunteer Consultants?

Recruitment occurs during the month of September each year. Each year, students must submit an application form which contains three short answer questions and an updated resume as described above by the end of September. Successful applicants will be contacted for interviews and final decisions will be made by early October.

How many applicants are selected to join the Volunteer Consulting Group?

In 2011, VCG has expanded to 5 teams to involve over 30 students! In the past, VCG develops 4 cases annually. Each year, we expect to receive over 200 applications. Please note these numbers are simply a guideline. The number of successful applicants may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the applications we receive. Our priority is to ensure VCG case teams are equipped with the skills to be successful and deliver top results for our clients.

I have submitted my application/resume. What is the next step?

After your application (including application form, short answers and resume) is received, it is reviewed by a recruiting committee and compared to all other submissions. Based on the qualifications of candidates and the current year’s specific case needs, a select number of applicants are extended an invitation to interview. If you have submitted your application by email, you will be contacted if invited to interview.

My question was not answered here. Whom do I contact?

Please use our Contact webpage to send us questions and requests about VCG. Select the “VCG” subject before submitting your comments.

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