Opportunities for Faculty

Are you ready to be a VCG Faculty Member?

We are looking for faculty members with a strong interest in the social sector and experience in business strategy and operations. Members from all faculties are encouraged to participate.

The VCG Experience

VCG is an opportunity for faculty to use their expertise to benefit the local community and engage students outside the classroom. Our advisors have found VCG teams to be some of the most dedicated and passionate students they have encountered in their careers. Some benefits of working with VCG are:

  • Chance to engage students outside the classroom
  • Networking opportunities with other faculty and community leaders
  • Opportunity to apply expertise to have real positive impact on the community


Currently Available Positions

VCG teams highly benefit from the opportunity to engage faculty members in discussion about their client’s business problem. Faculty members answer questions and provide advice that helps teams to deliver pragmatic solutions.

How to Sign up

If you are interested in participating, please send a detailed e-mail to with the subject line “VCG Involvement.” We would be happy to meet with you to answer your questions and discuss the most appropriate way for you to be involved.

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